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Lewis Kay, University of Toronto and Daniella Goldfarb, Weizmann Institute of Science, speak on Emerging Topics in Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance on June 4, 2020 from 8:00 – 9:00am by Zoom

Hans Vogel from the University of Calgary gives a seminar entitled Calcium-binding to L-plastin regulates actin-bundling: target for new antimetastasis drugs? in NANUC on December 9, 2019 from 11am-12pm. Host: Michael Overduin

Frontiers of membrane biology seen by NMR spectroscopy by Michael Overduin on November 22, 2019 3-4pm in MSB 470.

NMR Spectroscopy of Protein Allergens by Dr. Martin Tollinger, University of Innsbruck on September 13, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM in MSB 4-70.

The 26th Annual E. Garner King Memorial Lecture on June 24 in the Allard Family Lecture Theatre by Lewis E. Kay, University of Toronto on "The Importance of Protein Dynamics in Health and Disease"

Celebration of Brian Sykes' career and honouring of the father of NMR with talks by Malcolm Irving and Gary Shaw from June 13-15.


DiscoveryLab meetings are on Nov 13, 2019 and March 11, May 13, June 10 and July 8 in 2020 to help researchers commercialize their research outputs.

CureCancer TIM bit Tuesday Talks are held throughout the year, and provide an opportunity to hear about cancer research from researchers discovering how to understand, detect and treat cancer more effectively.

International SMALP Conference

Annual SMALP conference on March 20, 2020 in New York City to discuss progress on studies of the preparation, structures and interactions of membrane protein complexes and native nanodiscs; organized by Michael Overduin and colleagues.

GRASP Symposium

on structural biology at McGill University each November.

PSFaM Meeting

on Protein Structure, Function and Malfunction at the University of Saskatoon from June 20-21, 2019

Ribowest Conference

on RNA research in June at the University of Lethbridge.

NMR Spectroscopy Course

This course (Biochem 675) covers NMR theory, methods and practice related to characterization of proteins, with subjects including 1D NMR, 2D COSY, TOCSY and NOESY experiments, ligand detection by methods including chemical shift perturbations, saturation transfer difference and filtered NOE's, and double and triple resonance methods for resonance assignment and structure determination. Offered from January to April 2019 by Brian Sykes, Peter Hwang and Michael Overduin.

Recommended reading includes:

Dieter Ziessow's Understanding Multiple-Pulse Experiments
David Wemmer's Homonuclear Correlated Spectroscopy
Rickey Hicks et. al. on Magnetization Transfer via HOHAHA
Jean Jeener et. al. on Investigation of exchange processes by 2D NMR
Gerhardt Wagner and K. Wüthrich on Sequential resonance assignments
Li, Fan, Brodsky & Baum 2D NMR of collagen triple-helical peptide
Moriz Mayer and Bernd Meyer on Group epitope mapping by STD NMR
Steve Pascal's text NMR Primer on double and triple resonance methods
Lewis Kay on NMR methods for Protein Structure & Dynamics
Anglister, Srivatava and Naider on intermolecular NOE interactions

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