NMR systems

Users access our spectrometers to study the three dimensional structures, dynamics and interactions of proteins, biopolymers, biomaterials, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids and metabolites.

The NMR facilities in the NMR•CAN community are equipped with a diversity of high field NMR spectrometers based at multiple sites across Canada including the national highfield centre at NANUC and regional centres across the country.

Wet-lab space is available for sample preparation, and visiting scientists can make use of the office space.

Qualified users may install and run their own pulse sequences, while those less familiar with the techniques and software can obtain training and support from facility personnel, as well as from NMR bootcamps and courses.

Data are stored on and retrieved from a secure ftp site.

Feel free contact us for questions about your needs for NMR system or experiment access or to subscribe to receive periodic emails about our services.