team alberta


The people involved in setting up and running NMR-CAN as Canada's national NMR infrastructure for biomolecular research include:

Michael Overduin Anthony Mittermaier
Executive Director, QANUC, McGill University
p: +780 492 3518
Michael Overduin Michael Overduin
Executive Director, NANUC, University of Alberta
p: +780 492 3518
Peter Hwang Kalle Gehring
Senior Advisor, QANUC, McGill University
Brian Sykes Brian Sykes
Senior Advisor, NANUC, University of Alberta
p: 780-492-5460

Tara Sprules
Operations Manager, QANUC, McGill University

Pascal Mercier Pascal Mercier
Operations Manager, NANUC, University of Alberta
f: +780 492 0886

Or write us at:

NMR-CAN at McGill University
801 Sherbrooke Street West, Rm 322
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3A 0B8
fax: 514 3983797

NMR-CAN at University of Alberta
333 Medical Sciences Building
Edmonton, Canada T6G 2H7
fax: 780 492 0886

NANUC entry
NANUC foyer and the window into the 800 MHz NMR chamber